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Vila Cristina - Welcome on holiday

Our apartments and studios are spread over four different bungalows.
Each accommodation is individually furnished and radiates its own charm.

No matter which of our accommodations you choose: you will not miss anything.

Already at the airport we will welcome you personally. After the short transfer to Vila Cristina you will be personally checked in and familiarized with the conditions.

During your entire stay we are at your disposal both personally and by telephone.

If you want to be mobile independent, we can help you with the rental of a car or quad bike.



The breakfast in the Vila Cristina is already included in the price.
It will be served to you personally every morning on your terrace at the time of your choice.
Included in the breakfast:
Coffee, tea, different kinds of bread rolls, butter, jam, honey, different cold cuts and cheeses, juices, yoghurt, fruit, egg dishes and little surprises.
Do you have special wishes? Ask us. Everything that is possible on Boa Vista will be fulfilled.


There is a refrigerator in every accommodation. We fill this with drinks for you so that you also have a minibar available. Drinks are refilled daily as they are consumed.

If you have special requests for your minibar, please contact us. As far as possible on Boa Vista, we will fulfill them.

By clicking on the PDF file you can view the offer and prices

Location and surroundings

Your accommodation is located directly on the beautiful beach "Praia de Chaves" in a guarded complex consisting of 27 bungalows.

Along the beach to the left you will find a more lively section after about 1000 meters, as the Iberostar and Royal Horizon hotels are located here. After that you continue for a few kilometres, where you will hardly encounter anyone.

On the beach to the right you will find the beach bar "Pérola d'Chaves" after approx. 300 - 400 meters - fantastic Caribbean feeling awaits you here and in addition the best food and the best cocktails of the island Boa Vista. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for you free of charge.

The transfer airport - Vila Cristina - airport is included in the price and takes only 5 minutes. Nevertheless you do not have to worry about being bothered by aircraft noise. On busy days there are about 8 flights, which you will sometimes notice when the airplanes are approaching the airport as they circle over the bay. The airport is closed from 6 - 8 pm.

To the next village Rabil you need about 5 minutes by taxi, by walk it takes about 20 minutes. In Rabil you will find some small shops, a restaurant and the pottery school.

To the capital Sal Rei you need about 15 minutes by taxi. Walking along the beach you have to plan about 1,5 hours. In Sal Rei there are many small bars and restaurants, some shops, the old fishing pier, a fruit and vegetable market and the fish market hall.

The nearest cash machine is located directly at the airport and of course in Sal Rei.

Your host Cristina Brito

Cristina Brito was born in 1970 on Boa Vista in the village of Povoação Velha.

In 1993 she had the opportunity to go to Germany, where she first worked as an au pair before completing her training in a hotel. After she had successfully completed this training, she was going back to her home country. After a year in Praia (Santiago Island) she decided that she wanted to learn more in Germany and came back to Hannover. She gained experience in various renowned gastronomy businesses and also completed her training in business administration.


Cristina Brito - Boa Vista

2010 then the longing drove her back to her home Boa Vista. At that time tourism had already taken over and she started to realize her dream, which she had been dreaming of since childhood: in her parents' house she created her first restaurant "Fon' Banana". It did not take long until the first tourists came to visit her. Word spread quickly among guests, tour operators and promoters: here you getv the best young goat (a local delicacy) of the island Boa Vista. But the many day guests wanted more and so the legendary "Cape Verdean evening" was born, where the guests were spoiled with Creole delicacies and Cape Verdean handmade live music.

In October 2013 she made the decision to find a new home for her family. And this she found in the complex "Vila de Chaves". The newly acquired house was renovated and extended and the first two rooms were created, which Cristina offered for rent to guests.

Word quickly spread among other homeowners that Cristina has a very special feeling for tasteful furnishings and above all for dealing with her guests. And so it came about that she was offered other properties in the complex for sale or rent in order to increase her range of apartments and studios.
Today she already has 9 different accommodations in her portfolio.

At the beginning of 2015, an irresistible offer came for Cristina: an owner was sought for the newly developing beach bar at "Praia de Chaves". As she was looking for new challenges, she took up the offer after a short consideration - after all, it was a very large financial investment.

In June 2015 it was opened: the beach bar "Pérola d'Chaves".

Cristina is very much looking forward to welcoming you soon here at Praia de Chaves.

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