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Boa Vista - the pearl of the capeverdean islands

Boa Vista is the third largest island in Cape Verde. It impresses above all with a total of 55 km of sandy beaches, turquoise blue sea and beautiful dune landscapes.

The island is approximately 620 km² large, 31 km in length, 29 km in width. At the moment about 20.000 people live here. On Boa Vista there are 8 villages, the biggest and also the capital is Sal Rei.
There are a total of 5 all-inclusive hotels - nevertheless, there is no mass tourism here yet.
Vacation on Boa Vista - that is pure relaxation. The island motto "No Stress" is your constant companion.

Immerse yourself in the Cape Verdean culture - experience the warmth of the islanders.
Enjoy delicious food - of course there is always freshly caught fish or lobster (depending on the season) - but of course all other tastes will also be satisfied - accompanied by refreshing cocktails, delicious wine from the Cape Verdean island of Fogo or a Cape Verdean "Strela". Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of Cape Verdean live music.

On Boa Vista you will search in vain for architectural wonders or shopping malls. Nevertheless, there is a lot for you to discover, because what is more beautiful than untouched nature.

Discover Boa Vista

The beach "Praia de Santa Mónica" with its 15 km length, is the longest beach of the Cape Verde Islands and belongs to the top 10 African beaches. Until today the beach is still almost completely undeveloped, only at the southern end the first resort is being built and there you will also find a small beach bar.

At the beach "Praia de Varandinha" there is a steep coast with mysterious caves, which offer you beautiful photo motives.

Cross our desert "Deserto Viana" which extends over 8 km² east of the village of Rabil.

Be impressed by the dunes of "Morro d'Areia" - there you will have breathtaking views over the whole bay "Baia de Chaves". You can also try the adventure "Sandboarding" here.

In the north you can still find remains of the shipwreck "Cabo Santa Maria", which stranded there in 1968.

Watch sharks in our "Shark Bay" - discover the northern villages with their agriculture - climb the lighthouse "Farol Morro Negro" - taste the goat cheese of Boa Vista.

Meet the locals and let yourself be carried away by their joy of life.


Enjoy a relaxing day on the sea: fishing, snorkeling, beach BBQ - everything is possible.

All this is possible - best of all on one of the pickups that are common here, with benches on the open loading area or even with a quad.

Season Highlights on Boa Vista

There are two very special season highlights on Boa Vista.

If you are vacationing in the period March to May

If you do Boa Vista, you should see the humpback whales

definitely don't miss it. Hold at this time of year

these giants of the seas are in the waters

around Boa Vista to mate or

to give birth to their babies.

With a bit of luck you can see the animals from the beach

from watching. It's much more impressive

However, to meet them at sea.

We therefore definitely recommend a boat tour.


The turtles also like it on Boa Vista.

In the months of July to October, the large animals come ashore on our sandy beaches to lay their eggs, which are then hatched "from the sand". The turtles find optimal conditions here, so we have been able to guarantee constant growth since 2005. Here, too, we can only warmly recommend taking advantage of your time and not missing out on this natural wonder.

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